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Our mission

Improve the efficiency of the IT industry by delivering intelligent data insights on IT Skillsets

Our vision

We believe that through our unique insights into IT skills all stakeholders in the IT industry can make better-informed decisions and unlock faster growth.


We categorize and standardize IT skills data with our in-house developed Product Graph® into unique insights


Triggered by the loss of productivity that we have witnessed during our broad and extensive experience in the IT industry, we at NoCeiling are fully committed to help solve the inefficiencies in this industry. The opportunity to improve the effectiveness of the IT Industry by providing transparency into the availability of IT skills in the market is at the core of our work.

Our name

We are strongly convinced that there is virtually “NoCeiling” to the gains that can be achieved by increasing efficiency in IT service delivery.

Our restart-up on steroids

As a “restart-up” we at NoCeiling are fortunate to be able to expand on the investments in, and learnings of Dynasource, which had gone out of business at the end of 2019. Because the opportunity to improve the efficiency was still out there, the current founders decided to buy the IP in January 2020, thereby restarting a still brilliant idea. What we offer today has been built on years of experience & investments and is currently being executed with laser-focus.

Core Team

Ronald Eleveld

Our CEO has an extensive sports background which is reflected by his winner's mentality. As a seasoned IT entrepreneur, he co-founded and ran one of the most successful IT service providers in the Netherlands, based on creativity, customer-focus and teamwork. As a recently certified sommelier, Ronald also very much enjoys the finer things in life.

Richard Bross

He is an Entrepreneur in heart and soul, formed the basis of several successful IT companies. Richard is the personification of spotting business opportunities, sales and connecting people and he's always on. Richard loves music and lyrics and as a fanatic walker he's often passing by with his ear pods in having a business call or just listening.

Robin Hildebrand

He is a self-made engineer with a strong passion about coding. Robin thinks and acts like an entrepreneur and knows to communicate complex technological challenges in a clear manner. Robin loves to be active in the outdoors and preferably with speed, so that is why he often chooses to drive to the office by mountainbike.

Casper van Schothorst

Our Chief Strategy has worked, among others, 15 years for Microsoft of which 10 years at global HQ gaining a deep understanding of software ecosystems and the value that a channel can offer. He uses his creativity to solve business challenges in innovative ways or in his free time as an artist to sketch, paint or carve wood. He enjoys intellectual challenges which are part of his PhD-research focused at the development of business ecosystems.

Jan-Anne Elbertsen

Convinced that the world is one’s oyster Jan-Anne is solution focused and will always find one. It makes him a perfect match with his role in Operations. His personal motto: “never give up” characterizes his positivity and the fact that he likes to deliver challenging sport performances such as cycling the Alpe d’Huez 6 times in a day for charity purposes.

Extended Team








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